Tambov State Technical University

Department "Mechanics and Engineering Graphics"

II International Scientific Conference
"Actual aspects of electrochemistry, corrosion protection and ecology"
in memory of Honoured Fellow of Science and Technique of Russian Federation, Professor V.I. Vigdorovich

October 27-29, 2021

Conference participant theses

    1. Vartapetyan A.R. Stabilization treatment of recycled water at oil refining and petrochemical plants. Protection of heat exchange equipment from corrosion, biofouling, and scales deposition

    2. Shestakov K.V., Khokhlov P.A., Lazarev S.I. The features of the electrodialysis separation of industrial solutions for the PCB production

    3. Shestakov K.V., Khokhlov P.A., Lazarev S.I. Calculation method of the kinetic characteristics of a mass transfer through ion-exchange membranes based on the friction theory

    4. Tanygina E.D., Nikolaevskiy V.A. Environmental and Medical Aspects of the Glauconite Application

    5. Uryadnikov A.A., Lebedeva A.A., Bryksina V.A. Increasing the anticorrosive properties of primer enamels by means of functional additives

    6. Berdnikova G.G., Uryadnikov A.A. Investigation of the corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steel in concentrated chloride-sulfate solution

    25. Zapevalov D.N., Vagapov R.K., Ibatullin K.A., Tomsky I.S. Improvement of the complex of tests to assess the conditions of internal corrosion for the protection of gas production facilities

    48. Sergienko A.S., Red'kina G.V., Kuznetsov Yu.I. The dependence of the anticorrosivon and hydrophobic properties of phosphonate-siloxane films obtained on zinc on the morphology of this surface

    56. Bocharnikova M.Yu., Murtazin M.M., Grushevskaya S.N., Vvedenskii A.V. Anodic oxidation of homogeneous binary alloys accompanied by the formation of thin oxide films

    57. Belyanskaya I.A., Grushevskaya S.N., Vvedenskii A.V., Kozaderov O.A. Copper and silver oxides as photocatalysts of water splitting

    59. Aleshina V.Kh., Abrashov A.A., Grigoryan N.S., Arshinova I.S., Shcherbina E.A. Black protective and decorative electroplated nickel-containing coatings

    77. Knyazeva L.G., Zavrazhnov A.I. Some corrosion problems in agricultural production and ways of their solution

    78. Berezhnaya A.G., Hudoleeva E.S., Chernyavina V.V. Protective action of imidazole derivatives in acid corrosion of low carbon steel

    79. Berezhnaya A.G., Chernyavina V.V., Hudoleeva E.S., Astahova L.M. New inhibitor compositions for sulfuric acid pickling of steels

    80. Chernyavina V.V., Poiminova Ya.A., Berezhnaya A.G. Electrochemical parameters of new electrode materials for supercapacitors

    81. Astahova L.M., Berezhnaya A.G., Mitskaya M.N. Residual action of some commercial etch inhibitors

    82. Kovalyuk E.N., Matofonov V.V. On the relationship between the effectiveness of organic inhibitors and individual physical and chemical parameters of their molecules

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